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Our Purpose

At Send-It Marine, our goal is to ensure that boaters have the best possible time on the water. We strive to keep our customers safe by ensuring they have all of the resources and knowledge they need about boating, before they hit the water.

When it comes to instilling proper boating etiquette and laws into our customers, we often reference the standards and rules put into place by the US Coast Guard, along with other organizations such as the WSIA.

Safe Boating Saves Lives

When it comes to being out on the water, there is nothing greater than the memories that can be made. However, all it takes is somebody being careless to ruin such a great activity for everybody else. You don’t have to be a part of the statistics, do your part by being educated and being aware!

1 %
Weren't Wearing Life Vests

Of all drowning related boating incidents, 83% of the victims weren’t wearing life jackets at the time of the incident.

1 %
Were Distracted or Untrained

Of all operation related boating incidents, 45% of the incidents were related to the operator being distracted or inexperienced.

1 %
Were Alcohol Related

Of all operation related boating deaths, 28% of the incidents were related to the operator being intoxicated.

All Data Provided From The US Coast Guard’s “2022 Recreational Boating Statistics” Report.
Boating Safety Isn't Accidental!

When it comes to boating safety, you are responsible for ensuring you are educated about not only your local boating laws, but also safe boating practices. We have compiled a list of some notable resources when it comes to safe boating.

The US Coast Guard regulates boating certifications, gear certifications, and sets many of the standards when it comes to boating rules. You can view their “Federal Requirements” brochure here.

The WSIA is committed to keeping the Water Sports Industry safe and has their own set of standards they encourage in order to promote safety and help prevent property damage. Their website can be seen here.

The Safe Boating Campaign is a group dedicated to spreading awareness of life jacket related injuries/deaths in an effort to encourage people to take the pledge and wear a life jacket when on the water. Their life jacket information page can be seen here.